ALIM QASIMOV The Voice of Azerbaïdjan

Alim Qasimov is recognised worldwide as one of the great voices of the East. With his daughter Fargana he presents us with a masterly performance of the art of mugham, Azerbaijan’s classical music tradition. Their programme includes modal improvisations in the style of the classical azeri suites, rounded off by a few popular songs taken from the tradition of the ashiq, the troubadours of Caucasus. This music of an unequalled subtlety – simultaneously brilliant, deep and energetic – transports us in an array of sublime emotions.

Alim Qasimov : song, daf
Fargana Qasimova : song, daf
Rauf Islamov : kamancha
Zaki Valiyev : tar
Rafael Asgarov : balaban

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