The 17th of october 2015, 24th anniversary of “The State independence

On the 17th of October 2015, the 24th Anniversary of the State Independence Day of Azerbaijan was celebrated in Basel by the Association of the Friends of Azerbaijan with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Swiss Confederation.

In her opening speech Mrs. Arzu Aliyeva-Bodmer, Chairwoman of the Association informed the guests about the history of this event, emphasized the importance of this day in the modern statehood history of Azerbaijan and emphasized that the celebration of this kind of events contributes to the strengthening of the national identity among diaspora members.

She added with satisfaction that the guests visiting Azerbaijan are very much surprised by the pace of development of the country and emphasized that the strengthening of the statehood through very robust policy encourages the diaspora members and makes them to contribute to this process. Mrs. Aliyeva-Bodmer underlined that the diaspora organisations has always felt the attention and support of the political leadership of Azerbaijan, and taking the opportunity she expressed her gratitude for that.

The introduction was followed by national dance and poem citing by Ms. Leyla Yusubova, who was specially invited from Azerbaijan, and performance of Azerbaijani classical piano music by the diaspora member Mr. Fuad Mammadov. At the end of the event, the Azerbaijani specialties were served for the attendees of the event.

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