Candidacy of Baku for hosting World EXPO 2025 presented in Zurich in the framework of a business forum

A business forum on “South Caucasus Markets - as a Gateway to the CIS, Middle East and Europe” was held in Zurich by the Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – CIS/Georgia (JCC).


Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Swiss Confederation Mrs. Khanim Ibrahimova made an extensive presentation at the forum about the candidacy of Baku to host World EXPO 2025.


She informed the participants about the path of development of Azerbaijan since the restoration of its independence, significant progress achieved during the past period, road maps being implemented by the Government of Azerbaijan in various areas of economy, important role of Azerbaijan in the international arena and numerous major international events held in the country. Talking about the candidacy of Baku to host World EXPO 2025, the Ambassador underlined the theme proposed by Azerbaijan “Developing human capital” as a unique, interesting and very relevant to the contemporary world. She asserted that Switzerland can benefit from this theme to exhibit its world-renowned dual vocational education and training system as well as its highly developed public health and pharmaceutical industry. She called upon the representatives of the Swiss companies attending the forum to support Baku’s bid. According to the Ambassador, World EXPO 2025 if held in Baku would be truly universal in terms of the expansion of its classic geography of both participating and host countries. Talking about transport and infrastructure projects that have been implemented in Azerbaijan, K.Ibrahimova stated that the number of tourists visiting the country have increased many times recently, and the city of Baku will have direct air connections with more than 100 key international destinations by 2025. The Ambassador told that there is a high-level political support in Azerbaijan for Baku Expo 2025. She assured that Azerbaijan’s experience in organizing such major events as well as its hospitality will enable her to organize an impeccable Expo.


The representatives of several Swiss companies active in Azerbaijan, who were present at the forum, informed the participants about the activity of their companies in Azerbaijan. They elaborated on the infrastructure projects carried out in Azerbaijan, while accentuating favourable environment for foreign investors in the country.


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