“Swisscom” suspends cooperation with “Karabakh Telecom”, illegally operating on occupied territories of Azerbaijan

As the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Swiss Confederation found out that the Swiss leading mobile operator Swisscom has a roaming cooperation with Karabakh Telecom, a company that illegally operates in the territories of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia, it immediately contacted the management of Swisscom and the relevant Swiss authorities. They were informed by the Embassy about the illegality of Karabakh Telecom’s operation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan using Armenian country code as a means to legitimize the fact of occupation. It was stressed that cooperation with Karabakh Telecom, a company that explicitly disrespects the sovereignty of Azerbaijan, contradicted the officially declared position of Switzerland and was detrimental to the friendly relations between the two countries.


Although Swisscom does not engage with politics in any country, and complies with Swiss laws of doing business, it nevertheless suspended its roaming partnership with Karabakh Telecom in the light of the arguments and fair standpoint raised by the Azerbaijani Embassy as well as in the consideration of the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Switzerland.


Source: https://azertag.az/en/xeber/Swisscom_suspends_cooperation_with_Karabakh_Telecom_illegally_operating_in_occupied_territories_of_Azerbaijan-1121880


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