Azerbaijani startup takes part in Seedstars Summit 2018 final

Azerabaijani startup has participated in Seedstars Summit held in Lozanna, Switzerland.

Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Swiss Confederation Mrs. Hanum Ibrahimova made an extensive presentation at the forum on “The role of government in development of information technology”  about the development of information and communication technologies in Azerbaijan.

Ambassadar İbrahimova said that today entrepreneurship and start-up activity in ICT sector is rapidly developing in Azerbaijan. Legislative basis for stimulating startup movement and, in general, and development of high technologies is being updating, state programs are adopted.

She added that, the Azerbaijani brand "ASAN Service" itself is an innovative project. Azerbaijan gave its contribution to the global fight against corruption. In 2012, as a part of Presidential reforms, “ASAN service” one stop-shop service centers established. More than 250 public and private services by 10 government and 30 private entities are delivered through these centers. “ASAN service” has globally changed the concept of public service delivery and eliminated corruption in public sector. By using modern technologies and social innovation, we increased accountability and transparency in delivering public services and made them easier and more accessible for citizens. After the event, ambassador Ibrahimova met with Azerbaijani delegation.

12 participants out of 60 startups qualified to the final round to compete for USD 1,000,000. Azerbaijan was represented in the competition by “Wake Me Up” project which won the qualifying round in the country last year. Notably, “Wake Me Up” is a new and invaluable device which will prevent user from sleeping and protect from different kinds of accidents through specially designed glasses. According to the operating principle, the device receives the signals from sensor and instantly activates voice and vibration sensors on the glasses. The device identifies each time when you feel like sleeping and prevents the possible dangers.

It should be noted that Seedstars is a Swiss based group of companies which has the goal of impacting people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Through different activities of startup scouting, company building and acceleration programs, the team has now access to entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, corporations and government officials from dozens of countries. This year over 75 countries from Asia, Africa and Europe joined the competition. The competition which also brought together recognized investors and company managers had panel discussions about health, technology, environment, social networks and other important topics.



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