Rally in Bern dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide

The rally was organized by the Azerbaijani’s Cultural Center in Switzerland at Bern’s “Kornhausplatz“ square.

The memory of Khojaly genocide's victims was honored with a minute of silence at the beginning of the rally.

Speakers delivered speeches about the international awareness campaign "Justice for Khojaly!", initiated by Leyla Aliyeva, Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. They mentioned that although the Khojaly tragedy occurred 27 years ago, perpetrators of this genocide have not been punished yet. They highlighted the importance of giving accurate legal and political assessment of this genocide by the international community, including the Swiss Confederation.

Participants of the rally held banners depicting such mottoes as “Justice for Khojaly”, “Khojaly events should get a political assessment” and “We demand liberation of our lands” and photos of Khojaly victims brutally killed by Armenians.

Photo exhibition dedicated to the victims of Khojaly massacre was also organized within the rally. Photos related to the bloody night, pictures drawn by kids under the theme “Khojali in the eyes of children” and articles on the massacre published in the leading media outlets of the world were showcased at the exhibition. The exhibition drew huge interest of locals and tourists. Hosts of the rally provided additional information about the genocide to attendees of the exhibition and answered their questions.

Moreover, hundreds of brochures containing information on Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan and Khojaly genocide and yellow flowers were distributed among locals in various parts of the city.

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